Supply chain
Supply Chain Danone Dumex Malaysia aims to abide by the company’s promise of top quality and food safety.

We believe that product quality should be maintained right up to the moment of consumption. Distribution & Retail Quality Audit (DRQA) is one of the initiative that covers the three quality parameters, namely distribution system monitoring, traceability and shelf life/product freshness.

To make sure of product freshness and quality, our milk powders are fully imported from Australia, New Zealand and Europe; we advocate inventory visibility along our supply chain, and inspire trust in our customers.


Danone has termed its manufacturing procedure the DaMaWay – Danone Manufacturing Way. In the Nilai plant, DaMaWay comprises two different phases that focusses on specific aspects; the Standardise-Do-Check-Action (SDCA) places emphasis on setting standards across all areas within the factory, while the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) is targetted at improving these standards as well as methods of operation.

Quality Assurance

Danone Dumex Malaysia has set in place a programme that aims to ensure the quality and food safety at the factory level; this programme is named the 5P Programme, and represents concern and safety for its People, Premise & Facilities, Procedures & Practices, Process & Equipment and Product Design. Aside from the 5P Programme, Danone Dumex Malaysia also recognises the importance of achieving success in areas outside of factory operations and strives to maintain quality beyond through sales, research & development, engineering, supplier, marketing, supply chain and production.