Mamil® Mama Treats Expectant Mums to a Relaxing Night Out
13 Jun 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 June 2012 – Believing that every expectant mother deserves to be pampered, Mamil® Mama organised a relaxing night out exclusively for its Dumex Mama Club members. Aptly themed Radiant Mums' Night Out, members enjoyed a hand massage and a photo shoot session.

Making the night even more special, Mamil® Mama screened ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, a movie that takes a look at the lives of five couples as they prepare to become parents. Featuring a star-studded cast including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks, the movie befitted the event given the cinema was filled with expectant mothers!

Speaking on behalf of Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Ms Toni Brendish, Managing Director said, “We know that during pregnancy, a mother’s priority is the health and well-being of her unborn child. So much so that sometimes they forget to relax and to give themselves a treat. This is why we decided to organise a night out for our Dumex Mama Club members, so they can enjoy the company of other expectant mothers while getting thoroughly pampered.

“Mamil® Mama believes that keeping active, eating well and consuming maternal milk to help mothers absorb the good nutrients essential for the optimal growth and development of the unborn child are key to ensuring expectant mothers look and feel radiant.”

Mamil® Mama with IMMUNOFORCETM is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of women planning for pregnancy, who are pregnant or lactating. IMMUNOFORCE™ is a scientifically-proven, internationally patented formula that helps increase the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut to improve and maintain a good intestinal environment. This ensures the mother-to-be is as healthy as she can be, providing the foundation for a healthy and radiant pregnancy. IMMUNOFORCETM is recognised by doctors and scientists in 33 countries worldwide.

In addition to IMMUNOFORCE™, Mamil® Mama contains high folic acid to help maintain the growth and development of the foetus; calcium, to aid the development of bones and teeth; and iron, an important factor in red blood cells formation.

For more information, please log on to or call Danone Dumex Careline at 1800 38 1038.